Monday, 22 March 2010

Cell Signalling in Space and Time


Src gradients are the same as Belousov Zhabotinsky. Bistable switches - hysteresis - different paths for the up and down cycles.

Problems with kinase cascades in large cells as these signals are opposed by phosphatases in the cytoplasm. Munoz-Garcia PLoS Comp Biol 5 e1000330

Solution to the French Flag problem for size does the signal propagate to the nucleus? If it does not then the cell is too large.

Moonlighting signalling the same as moonlighting enzymes. Wave front propagation as this makes fast signalling - reaction diffusion much faster than diffusion.

Different signals are obtained from different temporal profiles even if they use the same kinase pathway Marshall C.J. Cell 80 179-185. 1995.

Modelling does not always help understanding why is there different transient activity and not persistent vs transient actvity? Nakakuki et al Cell in Press

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